welcome to ‘keeper central


Youth soccer is an interesting beast. After being part of the scene as a coach in multiple states over the last >10 years, a few things are clear.

  1. Coaching abilities, motives, and outcomes vary widely from club to club, team to team, and player to player.
  2. Parental influence on the process of player development is oftentimes extreme, and that influence is sometimes positive, but is more often negative.
  3. The collective conventional wisdom on training, athletic preparation, and dietary guidelines for players still skews towards old, outdated, and sometimes harmful information.

There is no way one guy (me) who generates some blog content every once in a while can hope to change the system alone, but these pages will give you some insight into my coaching philosophy and approach, and perhaps will also serve to help change some ideas about the footy world – one player, parent, and coach at a time.

That being said, Keeper Central is about three things:

  1. soccer stuff that I think is cool
  2. the intersection of diet x performance
  3. better goalkeeping


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