Anyone who has trained with me knows that I stress the importance of “getting on the ground”.  For many kids, there is some hesitation to diving and being aggressive – they think about it too much instead of just reacting.  By practicing collapse dives, 1-on-1 situations, and other “getting dirty” drills, getting on the ground becomes a keeper’s natural reaction when the stop needs to be made.

That being said, getting up after getting down is just as important – youth keepers give up lots of rebounds, so getting their bodies strong enough to pop back up after making the initial stop is critical.

Good “pop-up” technique can be seen in this video from SoccerPlus:

Note that in this drill, the keeper needs to get up quickly to make the save – don’t let the keeper cheat by rolling the ball back slowly.  If that happens, step forward to take the ball earlier.  The trainer needs to dictate the pace of the drill, not the keeper.

Here is another nice video showing good technique. Again, the keeper needs to recover and “reload” in time to make the next save.

You can see how the ability to reload quickly comes in handy in match situations.

First, some Julio Cesar:

Next, some Casillas:

Finally, some Valdes:

In closing, here is another longish video from St.Louis Goalkeeping that shows technique for 1-on-1 shot-stopping. Reloading is a huge part of this technique. Take a look:


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