…we all make mistakes

Hey, it is a fact of life as a goalkeeper: a single mistake in a match can lead to a goal against, and maybe even a loss. You can do EVERYTHING perfectly, with the exception of one small moment, but it is that one bad moment that will be remembered more than all of your fantastic saves in the match. It is unfortunate – all of the bad passes, missed shots, and poor tackles by your teammates for some reason don’t matter as much as that single error. Let’s see what we can do after the jump.

So should a keeper deal with the inevitable errors? Two things:

1. Recognize what went wrong. Was your footwork poor? Did you lose focus? Was your hand position off? Did you simply make a bone-head decision?

2. As soon as you recognize what you did wrong, FORGET the error. Your most powerful asset as a keeper will be a short memory. Move on – you will have another save to make.

Check out the video below. These are all PROFESSIONAL keepers who played MANY MORE YEARS after these errors. Their lives didn’t end. Their careers were not over. They didn’t get benched. They were mentally strong enough to recover, forget the error, and move on to the next fantastic save. As you look at these mistakes, think about what they did wrong. There is a great array of poor footwork, bad foot skills, odd decisions, lack of focus, poor technique, etc. Learn from these colossal mistakes, but also remember to forget…the game goes on, you may as well be in it.


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