A note of thanks to goalkeeper coaches

Some wise words here. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Keepers Corner

As I’ve mentioned, I regularly work with or watch several teams in the U15-U18 range and train a few college goalkeepers during the summer.  While I don’t have the privilege of working in the game full-time purely based on the financial aspect of the job, I am involved 2-4 days a week for much of the year and am often stunned by the remarkable things I see and hear.  In America, if you’ve watched your kid play for a few years but have never played the game yourself, have never taken a coaching course, and only found out the game existed when your kid started playing, you qualify as an “expert”.  If you have an accent or my personal favorite, “played in college”, you’re a “super-expert”.  My sarcastic comment doesn’t just extend to obnoxious parents but to several wanna-be coaches as well.  I am massively grateful my doctor went to…

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