set position

Fraser Forster playing Newcastle United

Fraser Forster playing for Newcastle United (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This clip of a Celtic FC training session featuring Fraser Forster has made the rounds already, so it is nothing new, but I thought it was an excellent illustration of the keeper’s set position.  Check out the clip and some comments after the jump.

First, notice that in all of the ball-handling activities Fraser Forster is permitted to come to a good set position BEFORE the ball is served.  The body weight is forward on the toes, and the keeper’s “nose is over his toes”.  The hand position is good, and Forster is balanced and able to move an any direction needed.

That body shape then carries over to game play – note that Forster moves with the game flow and is ALWAYS in a good set position before making a save.  Watch the video a few times and notice all of the subtleties of the body and hand shape in the drills and how they are replicated to near perfection in the scrimmage…that is what you are shooting for – train like you play and play like you train…nice.


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