it’s the fuel, stupid

David Ludwig and Mark Friedman published an article in JAMA yesterday, along with a companion article in the NYT on the concept of how BEING overweight can cause us to EAT more, as opposed to eating more causing overweight.  The key figure from the paper is shown here:

models of obesity

I encourage you to read either or both articles (they are both fairly short), and think about them in the context of diet x exercise x performance.  I have previously written about some very similar concepts, and a good place to start is my Eating for Athletes page.  Just remember, fuel QUALITY is important, and the conventional wisdom on what fuels are of quality is hopelessly incorrect, to be blunt. Athletes need to realize that most coaches are giving dietary advice that is outdated, incorrect, and biased towards the possibility of short-term performance gains, to the detriment of long-term health and fitness.  It is important for young athletes and their parents to cut through the misinformation and make good choices about what to eat – my guess is you will be alive for longer than you will be an “athlete”.



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