keylor navas

Saw this video over at  Absolutely outstanding.  Some great ideas here for training and I am very impressed with the creativity of some of these activities.  Definitely going to incorporate some of this into my sessions.  Enjoy!

more from Lassi

Yeah, my mom would have called me a public menace if she saw me doing this stuff in the city.  Knowing my foot skills, she would have been correct.  But when Lassi is in town, only awesomeness ensues:

death by food pyramid – it is finally out!

Just a short note on the nutrition front.  Denise Minger has finally published her long-awaited book “Death by Food Pyramid“.  This promises to have tons of good nutritional info in it – much of which has guided my own nutrition x performance journey.  I encourage everyone to have a read.

near post, sir

Wow, Joe Hart got beat near post twice yesterday in Champions League action against Bayern Munich.  To be fair, Ribery will often go far post when he drags across the face of goal on his right foot, and Robben scored with his right, which is crazy considering how one-footed he is.  The book is to…

saves of the week

Top 3 saves from the weekend at the link below.  Howard’s is nice – I am a sucker for a parry at full stretch.  However, Jussi Jääskeläinen truly deserves the top honors here.  Perfect positioning, perfect body shape, and outstanding reactions to stop Osvaldo.  Nice… Check it out over at ProSoccerTalk.

mixed messages

“My child is confused!” “There is no consistency!” “This is no way to learn!” …Wow, take a chill… The quotes above are representative of things you hear from concerned parents.  Perhaps the setting is the sideline of a game where the coach for the day is yet another “staff” coach who has been assigned the…

stay focused, sir

Wow – this is what happens when you don’t stay locked in on the game.  Keepers are remembered for their big saves AND their big mistakes – make the easy saves so you become defined by your great ones.