worthwhile clicks

Here are some sites worth visiting for additional info on goalkeeping and upping your overall game:

Serious Goalkeeping – a keeper academy in Nova Scotia – real good stuff.

Jeff Benjamin’s site – he doesn’t keep it updated any longer, but there is still some good info there.

Rob Parker on twitter – Geez this guy posts a ton of stuff. Check it out.

FourFourTwo Performance – Not a ‘keeper site, but a great place to go for clues on how to up your overall game.

UEFA Training Ground – A great site for outstanding videos demonstrating skills and drills. A good ‘keeper better be good with the feet!!

GK Icon – A UK ‘keeper curriculum. Even if you don’t purchase any of their content, there is enough free stuff to make it worth a few clicks.

Complete Keeper – Activities, sessions, techniques, etc. Good stuff.

Nike Soccer – their YouTube channel.

Beast Mode Soccer – ’nuff said.

The Coaching Blueprint – More coaching opinions, etc.

Youth to Pro Soccer – Another aggregator of sessions/activities. Good stuff.

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